Predators exist at all levels of the food chain. Over the past decade I have been extremely fortunate to encounter many incredible species across the planet including some of the most efficient predators.

I am pleased to present ‘Predators – Life in The Wild’ at Idea Exchange (Old Post Office, 12 Water St. S, Cambridge, Ontario)  on Thursday April 20th from 7:00 p.m. until 8:15 p.m.

This is a free ‘in-person’ event but registration is required due to limited seating capacity. A link to registration is in the original email or you can cut and paste this.

The evening will be an opportunity for me to recall some of these encounters through dozens of images I have shot and to tell the story behind each image.

After my work for CBC was finished at the 2016 Rio Olympics, for instance, I flew up to the Brazilian Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands to track the mighty jaguar – the third biggest member of the cat family.

For five days I stayed on a ranch by the Cuiaba River and with my incredible guide, Fabricio Dorileo, went out every morning cruising the tributaries looking for jaguars. From sunrise to sundown we were successful in finding these feline creatures.

I have been to Ethiopia four times and on one of those trips I spent four days backpacking in the Simien Mountains. On another I went looking for the Ethiopian wolf in the Bale Mountains to the south. The IUCN has listed this species as ‘Endangered’ warning less than 200 of them remain – most of them in the Bale Mountains. I got up close with a couple of these wolves.

Bears also excite me. I enjoy camping up in Killarney, Ontario in the fall and have had several encounters with black bears (that I know of!) but on a trip to Alaska I was overwhelmed to see a grizzly bear fishing for salmon.

Finally, Southern Ontario also has its share of predators including bald eagles, peregrine falcons, coyotes and many others. I am sure I will find a place in this presentation for my favourite species – the snowy owl – so don’t despair, snowy owl lovers!

I look forward to this presentation, I hope many of you within reasonable distance of Cambridge are able to join us for the evening. And please pass along the invitation to your friends. Preparing such an event takes many hours and so the more the merrier!!!








    1. Paul E Gains

      Thanks Pat. I am really looking forward the presentation. We tested the new projector at Idea Exchange and its fantastic! See you on April 20th! Tell your friends!

    1. Paul E Gains

      Hey Garrett, thanks for you continued support. Yes, I have been extremely fortunate to have many close encounters with wildlife. More often than not it is because of having some great guides…something I know you can appreciate! Take care!

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